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Faces in Focus retail caricature and face paint stand is located in the heart of Navy Pier’s Family Pavilion across from the Children’s Museume. Come visit us soon!

Address: 600 E. Grand Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60611

Phone: 312.282.3162

Business Hours:
Sun: 10 am- 10 pm
Mon: 10 am- 10 pm
Tue: 10 am- 10 pm
Wed: 10 am- 10 pm
Thu: 10 am- 10 pm
Fri: 10 am- 12 am
Sat: 10 am- 12 am

Faces in Focus has been Chicagoland’s premier caricature, face paint, and portrait outlet for the general public with a location at Navy Pier since 1997. Our award winning artists have been featured on national TV and bring the WOW factor to your event!

We would love to hear from you:

600 E Grand Ave
Chicago, IL 60611

(312) 282-3162


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