Immortalize your wedding or event with a hand-crafted painting by Faces in Focus Founder Lothar Speer.
Because every event is special and unique, we ask that you email us with the details of your event and we will send you a personalized quote.

Live Event Painting Quote

I love live event, and especially wedding painting, as it affords me to bear witness through the power of art to the union of 2 families and the forging of a new future. I like to call the style of my live wedding work “Romantic Impressionism” as it is soft and lives off of pure color, a style I find most apt for the celebration of love. As I observe and document what is happening throughout the night, I also think of my live event art as “layered time painting”. And last, but by no means least, I savor the thought that these priceless paintings will be handed down from generation to generation as treasured family heirlooms. Somewhere, sometime in a distance future someone will point to one of my paintings and say: “This was your great-grandfather’s wedding!”

Lothar Speer


Frequently Asked Questions

What canvas sizes do you offer and what are the prices?
Our standard sizes and respective pricing structure are as follows:

2×3 ft $  2,500
3×4 ft $  3,500
4×5 ft $10,500

The original framed palette used for your wedding reception: $ 1,000.
Per diem studio rate to add detail or more people to the painting: $ 1,000.
Multiple location Set Up Fee: $ 1,000.

How much advance notice do you require for a booking?
We welcome booking inquiries 3-6 months out but will try to accommodate later inquiries as well.
When do you wish to set up?
2 pm
What services and amenities do you require?
A) Complimentary Valet
B) 9 pm Dinner for my assistant and myself to be served in a separate room for staff
C) Access to water and electricity/an electric outlet
D) A 4×6 ft table
E) 2 chairs
What materials do you use?
I use GOLDEN ACRYLICS, the world’ s top of the line Acrylic paints with a secret medium that guarantees great luminosity, veracity and durability of color and paint structure. ACRYLICS are my favorite choice for live painting as they dry almost instantaneously and thus afford easy and safe transport.
Can you ship the painting?
Yes. The fee for this service would have to be added to the final bill.
Do you offer a contract?
Yes, our contractual agreements are customized to each client, just as our paintings, each a unique document.
Can you customize sizes or do more than one painting if they are of a smaller size?
Yes, in this case we take our standard pricing as an approximate guideline and aim to find a suitable match for our clients’ aesthetic goals and budget.
How long does a painting take?
Every painting is born out of multiple variables such as size, complexity of background, the specifics of the location and other factors, but pending these, each painting takes approximately between 8 – 12 hours of a non stop live fine art painting performance.
Would you like to take a picture with the bride and groom and your painting at the end of the night?
Yes, it would be very important to me to capture this moment in time.
Can you paint in oils?
Yes. Oils are an additional fee of $500.
What are your COVID/Pandemic Policies?
During a pandemic, FACES IN FOCUS adheres to all federal pandemic mitigation guidelines as promulgated by the CDC in order to keep our hosts, guests, and staff as safe as possible. Since we do not know who is vaccinated, we will always wear masks and observe social distancing and require that our clients do the same when near our staff.

Have any questions?
Need a quote?

Have any questions?
Need a quote?

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