Spice up your party with temporary tattoos!

Temporary tattoos is a fun addition to any party. With our bright colors and fast application, your kids will go crazy over them!


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do your temporary tattoos last?

Our paints are water repellant and can last up to 3 days under conditions such as high heat, humidity, water sports, and perspiration.

How can I remove the airbrush tattoo?

You can remove the tattoo easily with liquid soap and rinse with water.

What is the exact process you use to apply a design?

Unless the customer does not wish it, we clean the design area with a fresh alcohol swab, apply the design with an airbrush, and seal it with powder.

How do I book an artist for my party?

You can book an artist by calling us at
(312) 282-3162 or emailing us an inquiry in which we will respond with a quote. In order to lock an artist in for your event, a 50% non-refundable down payment is required.

How far in advance should I book an artist?

It’s never too early to book an artist! The sooner you lock an artist in to your event, the better.

Are they child and sensitive skin safe?

Yes! Our paints are formulated for use on the face and body using only FDA approved cosmetic grade pigments.

How long does a design take?

On average, we can apply a design approx. every 3-5 minutes.

What do I need to provide the artist at my party?

We ask that our artists will be provided with a well lit drawing space, chairs, and a table.

What if I need the artist to stay longer than contracted?

We bill overtime in 1/2 hour increments at $150/hr ($75 for 30 min). However, we cannot guarantee that the artist can stay longer than the allotted time.

What are your COVID/Pandemic Policies?

During a pandemic, FACES IN FOCUS adheres to all federal pandemic mitigation guidelines as promulgated by the CDC in order to keep our hosts, guests, and staff as safe as possible. Since we do not know who is vaccinated, we will always wear masks and observe social distancing and require that our clients do the same when near our staff.

Have any questions?
Need a quote?

Have any questions?
Need a quote?

Faces in Focus has been Chicagoland’s premier caricature, face paint, and portrait outlet for the general public with a location at Navy Pier since 1997. Our award winning artists have been featured on national TV and bring the WOW factor to your event!

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